Saturday, March 01, 2008


We're in Vietnam... or Nam as I like to call it. We've spent the last two days in Hong Kong, goofing around and eating amazing food. We spent last night in Hong Kong's swanky SOHO district. So yeah, all is well and we're getting some amazing footage / photos. The videos are going to be a bit outdated as it's been pretty difficult to find reliable internet connections here.... so just hang in there.

The people have spoken and apparently everyone but Jen has to eat the fish meat Weiner Sausage. We left the darn thing in Hong Kong! So, we'll be sure to eat it in an upcoming blog as soon as we get back. 5 points for anyone who can tell me Vietnam's hilarious currency and 5 bonus points if you can refer to it in a funny situation.




Dawn Shields said...

Hey Brandon!

Looks like you guys are having a great time. I can't wait to see more!

Steve said...

their currency is called a "dong" as in Brandon is a ding dong

sarahj83 said...

To answer Brandon's challenge:

Say you're out with some friends, and you forget to bring your wallet. One of your friends asks to borrow some money, but you have to say "sorry, but I left my [nation's currency] in my other pants".


Depending on where you are, things could get real weird, real fast.

ps--glad to see you guys are having fun. You're going to write an AMAZING book about your trip and make millions.

Morgan said...

Brandon, why is that funny?