Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Bo Ling, Chiwchau

Apparently we're in Bo Ling Chiwchau. Our situation is sort of difficult to explain.... but here it is in a nutshell. We've spent the last two days with "Pastor Charles" an eccentric, older gentleman who has liven in Hong Kong for the past 47 years. He has been driving us all around China, visiting churches, rehab centers and shady hotels, all along making us eat at McDonalds and KFC... funny I know.

More Videos from China

Friday, February 22, 2008

McCafe, Nappy Sax and Pirate Booty

The title really says it all. We ventured by boat to a small abandoned village where we proceeded to loot everything in sight... not really... but sort of. I mean, this place had been vacant for years... roofs were fallen in... stuff like that... so no one is going to notice a few missing chopsticks.

Later we went to a McCafe and then had dinner back at home base and laughed the entire time... as you can probably tell from our webisodes. Also, we've heard you loud and clear... we will bring you more videos containing random Chinese people. As you can probably see, we've started a new poll to see who you thought did the best job reading the Nappy Sax packaging. Whomever receives the most amount of votes is exempt from having to eat the fish meat weiner sausage. The other three people will have to eat it on an upcoming video blog.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

More From Day 1

As you can tell, We did quite a bit of Video Blogging on day one. I'm starting to notice a theme here... apparently I'm inclined to turn the camera around on myself halfway through every post. I'm sorry about that; it's just instinct I guess. Hopefully we'll have a few days where my fellow travelers will take over the blogging camera.

We've been having an absolute blast in Hong Kong. Tonight we're staying in a small village outside Hong Kong. We're staying with Vilma, a 30 something Philippino woman. She's an amazing interior designer who has completely remodeled an entire small, Chineese village with this eclectic modern look. Reese describes her as a 5'Ty Pennington on crack.

Hope you're enjoying the video blogs!

Hong Kong - Day 1

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Take Off

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Lunch at the airport steakhouse

Yeah, the food wasn't that great but I was able to make one of those hibachi grill volcano onions. No one had a lighter... or any flammable substance.

KCI Airport

I had a revelation in the Kansas City International Airport this morning. I thought to myself, "How awesome would it be if I made a short video every single place we went and posted it to my blog?" Then I thought, "Hey, I'm a videographer... it makes sense that my blog would be made up of mostly videos. So that's the format we're going with for the time being - less type and more youtube.

Traveler / Video Blogger / Despiser of bluetooth headset-wearing professionals in airports

Monday, February 18, 2008

Paper Darren

Have you ever stayed up for 4 days in a row cutting and organizing tiny little paper people until your hands bled and you started hallucinating? We have... and it was truly a blast. We had the pleasure of working with Darren King, drummer of the recently Grammy-nominated band, Mute Math to produce this short stop-motion film.

Nate Black and I drove 8 hours to Nashville, met up with Darren and immediately began tossing around concepts for the film. As we sifted through the piles of junk at a dingy, road-side flea market (which doubled as the owner's personal cat shelter) , Darren suggested a treatment involving a tiny paper person exploring a real world environment, jumping in and out of magazines and causing all sorts of mischief. So that's what we did.

We're proud to say that none of this is compiled digitally... no green-screen... no After Effects... every frame of this video is an actual individual photograph of a tiny paper person. It's always great working with Darren. His genuine passion for executing a performance is inspiring. This was our first attempt at stop motion... and hopefully not our last.

Paper Cutter Outer / Black & White Cowboy

The all new Goodwin Films blog

Welcome to the Goodwin Films blog. I know you're thinking, "Brandon, you already have a website! Why in the world do you need a blog? I mean, seriously, I don't even go to your website... and now you have the audacity to think that people actually care about what you're up to? Give me a break." And you're probably right. However, like most freelancers and artists, my family is still waiting for me to "get a real job", so I figured this blog might convince them that I actually do stuff.

I'm looking forward to posting some behind the scenes videos and photos from our adventures in filmmaking. I realize that the blog isn't much yet but just hang in there... I promise to have lots of new thing soon. In the meantime, feel free to check out our real website ( www.goodwinfilms.com ).

In addition to serving as a home to current and previous projects, this blog will hopefully build some credibility with my skeptical and well-intentioned loved ones.

Brandon Goodwin
Owner / Video Maker / Blog Manager