Friday, February 22, 2008

McCafe, Nappy Sax and Pirate Booty

The title really says it all. We ventured by boat to a small abandoned village where we proceeded to loot everything in sight... not really... but sort of. I mean, this place had been vacant for years... roofs were fallen in... stuff like that... so no one is going to notice a few missing chopsticks.

Later we went to a McCafe and then had dinner back at home base and laughed the entire time... as you can probably tell from our webisodes. Also, we've heard you loud and clear... we will bring you more videos containing random Chinese people. As you can probably see, we've started a new poll to see who you thought did the best job reading the Nappy Sax packaging. Whomever receives the most amount of votes is exempt from having to eat the fish meat weiner sausage. The other three people will have to eat it on an upcoming video blog.


Morgan said...

Thank you for the "m" "w" coffees! They looked delicious!

sarahj83 said...


Watching the "nappysacks" footage reminds me of some warm childhood memories...trying to recite a certain rhyme...without laughing...that ends with pee-pee in your coke....since the rest of it involves China, I'll choose not to repeat it here. I, of course, have matured beyond finding such rhymes funny, after my fine Drury education...
(But I hope you remember. Try to say it without laughing. Try it.)

OSWIFTYO said...

Brandon - -

I stopped collecting tea pots just last week - sorry - I am now collecting cows - so if you could lift me a cow that would be great... I would love to have a China Cow - or Japanese Cow - Where did you say you are? Oh well, have a great day anyway.



PS - I think you have aquired some of your finer qualities from your father

Doug Wilson said...

Brandon, you cheap S.O.B.



Post Script - Thanks for NOT linking me as one of your friends. I didn't want to be your friend anyway...

Anonymous said...

I have to say, seriously funny stuff, but Sesha, please DO NOT bring me back some the wiener sausage!

Anonymous said...

Reese had an unfair advantage of going first. Totally calm! I think if I was there when you were reading the ingredients to fish meat..... I would have tinkled in my unders. Love your videos - great to see the fun you are having. I ask you please to leave your "nappy sax" and their contents in China!!!
Love your friends,
Mindy, JD and Noah Schiman