Thursday, February 21, 2008

More From Day 1

As you can tell, We did quite a bit of Video Blogging on day one. I'm starting to notice a theme here... apparently I'm inclined to turn the camera around on myself halfway through every post. I'm sorry about that; it's just instinct I guess. Hopefully we'll have a few days where my fellow travelers will take over the blogging camera.

We've been having an absolute blast in Hong Kong. Tonight we're staying in a small village outside Hong Kong. We're staying with Vilma, a 30 something Philippino woman. She's an amazing interior designer who has completely remodeled an entire small, Chineese village with this eclectic modern look. Reese describes her as a 5'Ty Pennington on crack.

Hope you're enjoying the video blogs!

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BaseCamp said...

"Oh you are a comedian?
....I love comedians, maybe I'll book you for a tour."

Base Camp loves Brandon, and China too!