Monday, April 28, 2008

Giving it Back to Kids

A few months ago I visited Vietnam with my good friends, Sesha, Jen and Reese at Convey Studios. We had the pleasure of working with Giving it Back to Kids, a nonprofit corporation that has one goal in mind: serving the orphans and widows of Vietnam. They brought us over to take photos and video so they could share the work they were doing with people back home. Somewhere along the way I got overwhelmed with the goodness they were bringing to the community and found myself in tears multiple times a day. Something amazing happens inside you when you see a forgotten, parent-less child receive a hug from an adult who cares about them. Something amazing happens when, in front of your eyes, an impoverished family is given not just a home and a means of living but dignity. The videos that follow are a gratis project I did for Giving it Back to Kids in order to express my thanks for allowing me to be a part of something so beautiful and redeeming. Check them out for yourself:

Bikes for Kids

Hai Chau Orphanage

The Father's House


New Homes

New Homes Part 2


Steve said...

BG. Outstanding job, man.

Can't wait to see the heart one!


Anonymous said...

Bran...these are simply wonderful!


M said...

BG. You outdid yourself. I think these ARE the best videos you've ever made. They're so great! And you're so great, too!

Anonymous said...

Your BEST work.